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Gute Singleplayer Spiele

Platz 3: The Witcher 3 (). Kleiner Disclaimer Vorweg. Nicht alle Spiele Die ich gleich auflisten werde sind Reine Singleplayer Games, Einige der Spiele haben Online Funktionen. Platz 7: Resident Evil 2 ().

Die Top 20 der besten Actionspiele 2020

Platz 5: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (). Diese TopSpiele haben in den letzten zwei Jahren die besten großartige Geschichten und gelungene Singleplayer-Erfahrungen zu. Kleiner Disclaimer Vorweg. Nicht alle Spiele Die ich gleich auflisten werde sind Reine Singleplayer Games, Einige der Spiele haben Online Funktionen.

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Die 10 besten Story-Shooter - Einkaufsführer zu Einzelspieler-Ballereien

Valkyria Chronicles Originally a PS3 exclusive, Valkyria Chronicles is a semi-turn-based Japanese tactics game with a beautiful, Lotto Chance art style. Each of the three games in the series offers up a lengthy and challenging campaign that's fully Aktienkurs Lotto24 offline. While the game still features Doom Slayer taking on all kinds of demonic scum, the story picks up where Doom left off. Blizzard has done an amazing job with the lore of the Warcraft universe. Platz 1: Red Dead Redemption 2 (). Platz 2: Grand Theft Auto V (). Platz 3: The Witcher 3 (). Platz 4: God of War (). Es gibt 4 Kommentare zum Artikel Login Registrieren. Hier geht's zum Test von Destiny 2: Mercedes Benz Junior Cup Light. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Antworten Zitieren.

It won't be all hands-off, however, as the Gambits can't do it all on their own and the game will demand your attention during tough boss fights. Prey is a moderately horrifying first-person shooter that fits the slot on this list we'd have otherwise filled with Alien: Isolation.

In Prey, slimy, shapeshifting black tentacle creatures turn into mugs, chairs, and other inanimate objects, constantly revealing themselves at inopportune moments deliberately to make you soil yourself.

Thankfully, the game equips you with Dishonored and Bioshock-esque powers with which to combat the alien menace, as well as some pretty neat guns.

You'll need all those tools to battle your way through the scariest art deco space station in gaming. The reboot of the Hitman series originally released episodically, giving players a drip feed of new locations and new missions to undertake.

But now, the latest title in this long-standing third-person stealth-action series is available to enjoy all at once. Hitman casts you as Agent 47, taking on missions for a secret international organization that wants to eliminate various powerful people around the world.

You'll be dropped in to locations and will need to observe civilian and security personnel movements in order to work your way into secure areas.

You can either figure everything out on your own or let the game's guided-opportunities system show you how to eliminate your targets using environmental hazards.

Opportunities are fleeting, however, and replaying missions to try all of the different assassination options has its benefits.

As you play, you unlock map-specific proficiencies that give you perks like starting with different equipment or in different parts of the map.

XCOM 2 and its recent expansion, War of the Chosen , brings the classic tactical gameplay of the XCOM series back, but with even more pressure points and time limitations.

XCOM 2 can feel downright brutal at times, requiring players to balance various priorities of managing a surviving enclave of humans after a successful alien invasion and hostile takeover of the rest of humankind.

Resource and time management play a big role in XCOM 2, but tactical ingenuity is no less necessary out on the field.

With a squad of soldiers, you'll have to move people around on a grid using turn-based combat mechanics to scout and flank a deeply entrenched alien presence on Earth.

With the War of the Chosen expansion, you'll have access to even more soldier classes, which translates into more tactical options on the ground.

Doom 's long hiatus paid off in the end, as the fourth game in the old-school first-person shooter series is easily the best yet. True to the franchise's roots, there is no regenerating health, you can't aim down the sights of most weapons, and power-ups are scattered all around the linear but dense levels.

This game is all about pressing forward as hard and aggressively as you can. You won't be taking cover and sniping from opportune vantage points, because the game rewards you with ammo and health for finishing off each weakened enemy with a glory kill that often depicts you ripping your demonic foes apart with your own hands.

Fallout 4 is the latest in Bethesda's postapocalyptic role-playing game series, and it continues to focus heavily on player choice and story development.

The observer is a Horror Survival and Single-player video game with a Cyberpunk theme. The game is offered with a First-person perspective and takes place in future, the year According to the storyline of the game, Poland drowns in a digital plague that takes the lives of thousands.

The remaining humanity jumps into a war on rampant drug use. The player controls the character of Daniel Lazarski who works as a Cracovian detective under the leadership of the Observers Police Unit.

Analyzing certain environmental objects, interact and examine them, while exploring is the best part of the game.

With a unique narrative, great visual approach, and an engaging gameplay, Observer is a fun game to play on PC via Steam.

According to the story, Aliens have invaded the earth and the eponymous military organization has lost the war. It is now working as the resistance against the alien occupation.

The player takes control of the character of a commander of the organization and takes charge of the Avenger, a mobile base for XCOM.

The ultimate goal is to give commands to the squad, look after research and engineering, create new and improved weapons, technologies, and gadgets, etc.

The game is available on Steam. This high-intensity marvel by Volition and Deep Silver is a Single-player game and lets you enjoy busting some aliens.

The story revolves around the boss of Third Street Saints which is now the worlds most feared gang. The boss now has some sharp super powers and he has become the president of United States.

Players are tasked to explore the world and complete various main and side missions. With a variety full and unique narrative, advanced mechanics, and intriguing gameplay, Saints Row IV is definitely one of the best Single player PC games to play.

Following the footsteps of its predecessor, the game offers a similar yet way different experience of Action and RPG elements.

With a unique aspect of combat and other crucial elements, the game looks more like a Diablo series game. Players are tasked to complete various quests, defeat hordes, of ending in an endless gameplay.

Torchlight offers an amazing new loot system that allows the players to find better and better items.

The combat in the game is very well implemented that involve you deep into the gameplay. In general, Torchlight 2 is a great game to play on PC via Steam.

Kind of. Which One Is Better? Top Qualcomm Snapdragon Phones Arriving in Playing online games is a decent means to kill boredom and give your mind the much-needed respite from a hectic schedule or a spree of overthinking.

Thankfully, the gameplay is more than up to snuff, too. Combat is kinetic, exciting, and rewarding, and swinging from building to building to traverse a stunning recreation of New York is like something from our childhood dreams.

A breath of fresh air from the big-money behemoths that dominate this best single-player games list, Edith Finch is so poignant and exquisitely crafted that it will soften the hearts of even the most resolute walking-simulator naysayers.

As the titular character, you meander about in her sizeable but recently abandoned family home set on a haunting, crepuscular island in Washington State.

You explore the richly detailed house, visiting the still-furnished rooms of each family member where you get swept up in the dreamy haze of surreal vignettes that show you how they died.

Taking the infiltration-based mechanics to an open world and then layering plenty more on top, Metal Gear Solid 5 is a toy box of gadgets, gizmos, and missions players can attempt a near-infinite number of ways.

Of all the genres to have re-emerged since the indie revolution nine-odd years ago, Metroidvania has been the biggest benefactor. Hollow Knight feels like the pinnacle of the last several years of Metroidvania design, and it's certainly earned its place in this list of the best single-player games.

In welcher Reihenfolge wir die Quests erledigen, ist uns vollkommen selbst überlassen. Unterm Strich bleibt letztlich ein unnachahmliches, individuelles Gaming-Erlebnis in einer aufwendig gestalteten Traumwelt.

In der rundum überarbeiteten Fassung des Klassikers aus dem Jahre stellen wir uns abermals einer Zombieapokalypse entgegen, indem wir den untoten Viechern eine gepflegte Prise Blei in die verrottenden Visagen zimmern.

An den Standard der Moderne angepasst, spielen wir die Geschichten von Leon und Claire nach und versuchen, aus der mit Untoten verseuchten Stadt Racccoon City zu entkommen.

Das Dämonen-Massaker weist zwar grundsätzlich einige Survival-Horror-Elemente auf, ist im Kern jedoch ein rasanter Shooter, der seinen Fokus im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Vertretern des Genres gänzlich auf stimmige Singleplayer-Action legt.

So, wie wir es von der Reihe gewohnt sind, folgen wir dem knallharten Titelhelden Snake auf seine zahlreichen Missionen, die uns immer wieder in actiongeladene Gefechte verwickeln.

Dabei präsentiert das Game seinen Fans nicht etwa nur stumpfe Baller-Action, sondern baut zudem emotionale Beweggründe seines Protagonisten in die toll geschriebene Story ein.

Von Rachsucht getrieben erkunden wir die Spielwelt und erfreuen uns gleichzeitig an der gewissen spielerischen Freiheit, die zusammen mit dem fünften Teil der Reihe erstmals Einzug in das Franchise erhielt und das Geschehen merklich auffrischt.

In einer postapokalyptischen Open World, die in Folge einer nuklearen Katastrophe einer verwüsteten Mondlandschaft gleicht, erkunden wir die Relikte einer ehemals blühenden Zivilisation und treffen auf die letzten Überbleibsel der Menschheit.

Wer sich jedoch erst einmal in das Kampfsystem des Titels eingearbeitet und auch den letzten gigantischen Boss geplättet hat, darf sich zurecht als Meister der Videospiele bezeichnen.

Antworten Zitieren. Von HandsomeLoris Erfahrener Benutzer. Von Bonkic Erfahrener Benutzer. Plague Tale ist der absolute Hammer!

Gute Singleplayer Spiele
Gute Singleplayer Spiele

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Abbrechen Ja. This and picking Spanisches Lotto boxes are your only means of interaction, so you need to press switches, traverse gaps and hurl yourself over pools of acid to make it to each test chamber's exit as GLaDOS, the AI, criticises your every move. Torchlight offers an amazing new loot system that allows the Gute Singleplayer Spiele to find better and better items. Dishonored 2 casts you as a preternaturally skilled assassin on a revenge mission in the sun-kissed steampunk city of Karnaca. Antworten Zitieren. What is a browser game? The progression system in the game is quite unique as well as compared Pack Man the previous game of the series. A rift between the rulers and the obeying began forming and a new era started. The games that you should play and enjoy on PC Tipico München Steam. The game mainly focuses on Melee Combat and offers quests. You play as a four-foot-tall goblin who hides in shadows and breaks the fourth wall to give you guff each time you get caught and die. Innerhalb der düsteren Spielwelt durchstreifen wir die erbarmungslosen Gebiete Mordors und verarbeiten Orks und Uruk-Hais zu Kleinholz. XCOM 2 can feel downright brutal at times, requiring players to balance various priorities of managing a surviving enclave of humans after a successful alien invasion and hostile takeover of the rest of humankind. The game revolves around the exiles who in a fate bending chance, get together and make a party named as Reader. Milan Udinese recovery. Die sich stetig entwickelnde, immer moderner werdende Welt bietet einfach keinen Platz mehr für Banden von Gesetzlosen, Funky Snooker sich jeglichem gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt widersetzen. Slay the Spire is a pretty inventive little quasi-card game. It eschews multiplayer component of most card games and substitutes for it a rogue-like single-player campaign that is going to be different every time you play it and requires careful planning, but also the willingness to experiment and change your way of thinking during the journey. Exploration, Customization options, thousands of content mods, vivid graphics, and an immersive gameplay, Cossacks 3 is a whole new package of next-gen RTS gaming. Furthermore, Cossacks 3 offers Randomly Generated game maps, 5 single-player campaigns, DLCs (Downloadable Content), loads of cool upgrades and an addictive gameplay to enjoy. The best single player games to while away the hours in By Ford James, Alex Avard From blockbuster hits to indie gems, these are the best single player games we'd recommend right now. Open World, Post-apocalyptic, Exploration, Singleplayer Showing of 2, results Browse All Time Most Popular. $ Subnautica. VR Supported. Open. Wir haben für euch eine Auswahl der 22 besten Singleplayer Spiele aller Zeiten erstellt und zeigen euch, welche Games euch aufgrund ihres genialen Settings, ihrer emotionalen Geschichte oder ihrer packenden Inszenierung voll und ganz in den Bann ziehen werden. Wir haben für euch eine Auswahl der 22 besten Singleplayer Spiele aller Zeiten erstellt und zeigen euch, welche Games euch aufgrund ihres genialen Settings, ihrer emotionalen Geschichte oder ihrer packenden Inszenierung voll und ganz in den Bann ziehen werden. Portal 2, Subnautica, and Metro: Last Light are probably your best bets out of the options considered. "Mind-bending puzzles" is the primary reason people pick Portal 2 over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. Play the best Single-player Games online at for free. New games added every day.


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