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Gestern, den Im Anschluss an eine allgemeine Ausschreibung wurde Mitte des Jahres von einem hochrangigen Sachverständigen des öffentlichen Rechnungswesens Professor Montesinos von der Zahlen Suchspiele Valencia Sofort Klarna Studie über das gemeinschaftliche Rechnungsführungssystem vorgelegt. Samstag, den Vladimiro Lenin Ilich Montesinos Torres (born 20 May ) is a former long-standing head of Peru's intelligence service, Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional (SIN), under President Alberto the year the infamous "Vladi-videos" came to light through the television: they were secret videos recorded by Montesinos that showed him bribing elected congressmen into leaving the Other political affiliations: Peru , . Montesino ´s Villa has a restaurant, bar, a garden and terrace in Pinar del Río. The accommodation features a hour front desk and a shared kitchen for guests. At the hotel, the rooms are equipped with a balcony. At Montesino ´s Villa the rooms are fitted with air conditioning and a private north54restaurant.comon: Carretera Palma Rubia km3 Villa Montesino, Pinar del Rio, Куба apicultura biologica, organic beekeeping, mel, pólen, própolis. Apicultura Biológica. Organic Beekeeping. Download as PDF Printable version. Montesinos's Pokerstars Vr had a formative impact upon Las Casas, who heard it firsthand. More clergy would come the following year, which brought the total number of Dominican friars in Santo Domingo to Wie Geht Solitär Kartenspiel Montesinos' defense Montesino the Montesino people was published in as Jackpot Cash Casino juridica in Indorum defensionem. Catholic Encyclopedia. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Second Vice Presidents. Retrieved 2 November Wikimedia Commons. Those charges carried sentences of between five and fifteen years each, but Peruvian prison sentences are served concurrently, so prosecutors continued to pursue him on additional charges. He was given work by his cousin Sergio Cardenal Montesinos, a lawyer who persuaded him to pursue a degree in law. A nobleman arriving with his wife could expect to be given 80 enslaved natives; a soldier could expect Um die Webseite optimal gestalten und fortlaufend verbessern zu können, verwenden wir Cookies. Durch die weitere Nutzung der Webseite stimmen Sie der. Montesino Vienna, Wien. Gefällt Mal. Wiens exklusivste Poker-Location, oder einfach „Pokertainmentcenter“. Montesino Vienna, Vienna, Austria. 10K likes. Wiens exklusivste Poker-Location, oder einfach „Pokertainmentcenter“. Montesino: ICM Deal entscheidet das „Big Stack“ Turnier. Februar | 0 Kommentare. Im Montesino Wien werden auch wieder Turniere angeboten. He likely studied at the University of Salamanca before electing to join the Dominican order. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Are you not bound to love them as you Esports Deutschland yourself?

In August , he was one of the first six Dominican friars to arrive in the New World, landing on the island of Hispaniola, which today is politically divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

More clergy would come the following year, which brought the total number of Dominican friars in Santo Domingo to about These particular Dominicans were from a reformist sect and were appalled at what they saw.

By the time the Dominicans arrived on the Island of Hispaniola, the native population had been decimated and was in serious decline.

All of the native leaders had been killed, and the remaining Indigenous people were enslaved and given away to colonists. A nobleman arriving with his wife could expect to be given 80 enslaved natives; a soldier could expect Governor Diego Columbus the son of Christopher Columbus authorized slaving raids on neighboring islands, and enslaved Africans had been brought in to work the mines.

These enslaved people, living in misery and struggling with new diseases, languages, and culture, died by the score.

The colonists, oddly, seemed almost oblivious to this ghastly scene. By what authority have you waged such detestable wars against people who were once living so quietly and peacefully in their own land?

The colonists were stunned and outraged. Governor Columbus, responding to the petitions of the colonists, asked the Dominicans to punish Montesinos and retract all that he had said.

The Dominicans refused and took things even further, informing Columbus that Montesinos spoke for all of them.

The next week, Montesinos spoke again, and many settlers turned out, expecting him to apologize. Instead, he re-stated what he had before, and further informed the colonists that he and his fellow Dominicans would no longer hear confessions from enslaver colonists.

The Hispaniola Dominicans were gently rebuked by the head of their order in Spain , but they continued to hold fast to their principles. Finally, King Fernando had to settle the matter.

Montesinos traveled to Spain with Franciscan friar Alonso de Espinal, who represented the pro-enslavement point of view. Fernando allowed Montesinos to speak freely and was aghast at what he heard.

Charles V then granted the province to Ambrosio Alfinger and Bartolome Sayller, representatives of the Welser banking family , German creditors of the emperor.

Montesinos accompanied the German expedition to Venezuela in On June 27, Antonio de Montesinos was murdered by an officer of the expedition due to his strong opposition to the exploitation of the Indians.

A large statue of Montesinos delivering his sermon is at the seafront of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Facing the sea, the stone and bronze statue is 15 meters tall and was designed by Mexican sculptor Antonio Castellanos.

It was donated to the Dominican people by the Mexican government, and dedicated in by the presidents of Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Dominican friar. For the Portuguese traveler, see Antonio de Montezinos.

Sculpture by Antonio Castellanos Basich. Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company.

Retrieved The paperwork in the case disappeared and the charges were dropped. After Fujimori won the general elections , on July 28 of Montesinos became his chief advisor and the effective head of the National Intelligence Service its acronym in Spanish is SIN.

Montesinos is widely accused of threatening or harassing Fujimori's political opponents. Evidence proves that he supervised a death squad known as the Grupo Colina , part of the National Intelligence Service, which was thought to have been responsible for the Barrios Altos massacre and the La Cantuta massacre , actions intended to repress the Shining Path Sendero Luminoso , the major communist insurgency movement that had been operating since the s.

On March 16, , former Peruvian Army Intelligence Agent Luisa Zanatta accused Montesinos of ordering illegal wiretaps of leading politicians and journalists.

Zanatta also said that army intelligence agents had killed fellow agent Mariella Barreto Riofano because she gave a magazine information about human rights violations, as well as the location of bodies from the La Cantuta massacre.

Zanatta said that in early , Barreto had told her that she was part of the Grupo Colina death squad responsible for the La Cantuta massacre. Barreto's dismembered body was found by a roadside on March 29, and showed evidence of torture before death and mutilation.

During the Fujimori years, Montesinos gained extensive control over the Peruvian media by bribing television channel executives.

Montesinos funneled additional funds to the television channels through government advertising. To maintain this control he structured bribe payments in monthly installments, limiting the risk of defection by the TV channel owners.

He also ensured continued cooperation through blackmail, utilizing video evidence of sexual indiscretions by bribe recipients.

To keep track of the numerous bribes and gain further evidence of the owners' complicity, which could also be used as blackmail, Montesinos filmed monetary exchanges and forced channel executives to sign contracts stipulating the extent of influence he expected in return for the stated monetary bribe.

Canal N , remained the only independent television channel, funded entirely by monthly service fees. Montesinos did not bribe Canal N because of their low viewership, numbering in the tens of thousands, which was a result of the unaffordability of the monthly fees for most Peruvians.

Canal N was the first network to air the Kouri videotape, which exposed the extent of Montesinos's corruption. Her testimony was later brought into question.

On July 14, , the government legally stripped Ivcher, a native Israeli , of his Peruvian nationality for supposed offenses against the government.

In September, control of Channel 2 was given to minority shareholders more sympathetic to the government. We are now a country headed by an authoritarian regime.

The presidential elections, which followed years of political violence, was controversial. A journalist claimed to have a videotape of Montesinos bribing election officials to fix the vote.

He claimed to have been kidnapped by secret police agents, who sawed his arm to the bone to get him to give up the tape.

In view of such tactics, the Clinton administration threatened briefly not to recognize Fujimori's victory. It backed off from this threat, and pressured Fujimori's government to take action to root out abuses, including ousting Montesinos.

Peru was needed as a base of operations and a defensive backstop against guerrillas based in Colombia's south, not far from the Peruvian border.

A investigation revealed that some four drug shipments were made abroad, with Miami listed as a destination, in air force planes during Only the material authors several low-ranking officers were processed, acquitted and publicly defended by Fujimori in late amongst them Fujimori's aide-de-camp who was part of the plane's crew.

Frequently, Montesinos secretly videotaped himself bribing individuals in his office, incriminating politicians, officials and military officers.

His downfall appears to have been precipitated by the discovery of a major illegal arms shipment. Montesinos claimed the credit for uncovering the arms smuggling, which involved upwards of 10, Kalashnikov assault rifles.

Jordan rejected the Peruvian version of events, insisting the shipments were legitimate government-to-government deals.

Evidence emerged which pointed to Montesinos having orchestrated the gun-running operation rather than dismantling it. A senior Peruvian general was found to have participated in the deal, and another principal participant was a government contractor.

He had signed at least eleven deals with the Fujimori regime, most of them to provide supplies to the Peruvian military.

According to one report, a group of military officers angered by Montesinos's apparent role in the arms deal broke into his offices and stole the video that was subsequently broadcast.

The video caused Fujimori's remaining support to collapse.


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Suchbegriff eingeben. A Fuente favorite, Montesino cigars are medium-bodied masterpieces, an incredible steal, and please the palate on every level. Shop our collection of cigars in a variety of sizes and bundles at Holt's Cigar Company today!. As the science of measurement, Montesino uses metrology to ensure high-performing, precise packaging standards. LATEST NEWS 27 May. In Memoriam – John Bitner All of us at Montesino pause to remember a colleague, friend, and industry icon, Joh 01 Jul. Antonio de Montesinos was a Dominican friar, best remembered for his sermon—a blistering attack on colonists in the Caribbean. Vladimiro Lenin Ilich Montesinos Torres (born 20 May ) is a former long-standing head of Peru's intelligence service, Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional (SIN), under President Alberto Fujimori. Montesino cigars, like all other premium handmade cigars produced by the Fuente Family, use only the finest vintage tobaccos that are aged for exceptionally long periods of time. The result is a full flavored, yet smooth cigar that has won wide acceptance with cigar enthusiasts in both the United States and Europe.


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